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What We Offer

The SC blends unique training and health philosophies into one incredible approach called Life By Design.

Using CrossFit as our basic training template, we run regular group strength and conditioning classes, personal training and team coaching.  Choose the route that works best for you. Get started today!

Who We Are

Our coaches are former high level athletes that know what it takes physically and mentally to succeed.

They have the knowledge, passion and desire to help you reach all of your fitness and health goals.

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West London – CrossFit A.: Strict Press (4x(5-7); rest 2 mins (72.5%-75%)) B1.: Ring Dips (@21X1; 3x(4-6); rest 1 min) B2.: Weighted Chin-ups (@20X2; 3x(4-6); rest 1 min) +: Metcon (No Measure) 20 min EMOM: • 8 Alt. DB Snatches (45#/25#) • 40 DU’s • 8 DB Thrusters (45#/25#) • 2 rope climbs


West London – CrossFit Hit that target! Use the %’s assigned. A.: TNG Deadlift (4x(5-7); rest 2 mins (72.5%-75%)) B1.: CGBP (@20X1; 3x(6-8); rest 1 min; (70%-72.5%)) Close Grip Bench Press B2.: DB Single Arm Row (@21X2; 3x(6-8); rest 30s; rest 1 min) C. : Metcon (5 Rounds for time) 5 sets- TNG PC x3 […]


West London – CrossFit A.: Front Squat (@20X1; 4x(5-6); rest 3 mins (72.5%-75%)) B1.: KB Front Rack Walking Lunges (3x(7-9/leg); rest 1 min) B2.: Single Leg RDL (@31X1; 3x(8-10); rest 1 min) C1.: FLR (4x(30-45s); rest 20s) C2. : Single Arm KB Farmer Carry (4x(100ft/arm); rest 10s; rest20s) C3.: Strict K2E/ Ab mat Sit-ups (4x(20s […]